Membership Reward

What are reward points?

Reward points are our official virtual currency that is created to reward our users with more savings in their next order.

How do I earn reward points?

All users are entitled to earn 1 reward points for every RM1 whenever you purchase any items.


How do I use my reward points?

You can use your reward points to offset the cash payable of your next order. 100 reward points will entitle you to RM1 discount off for normal priced item. 


For resellers, if your account are entitled to discounted price, reward points entitlement will be discounted too.

For example, item A normal price is RM100, which is equivalent to 10000 points, and you have 500 points.

Scenario 1: Your account is not entitled to any discount. 

Hence, 500 points will give you 500/10000*100=RM5 discount.

Scenario 2: Your account is entitled to get item A at RM95.

Hence, 500 points will give you 500/10000*95=RM4.75 discount.

The points and discounts will be calculated automatically by system.