Reseller Registration Guide


  1. Register a new account at and make sure you choose “reseller” when signing up.
  2. Fill in your details at and submit.
  3. Inform our support team via Whatsapp at 011-6967 6870 and wait for approval.



  1. Resellers can use our product images / description obtained from our website to publish on own selling platform. Please keep yourself updated to any changes in our product images / description from time to time.
  2. Resellers can sell our product at your own price, and resellers shall be responsible to own customers, as we will not liaise with your customer.
  3. After getting new orders, place your order at using your account, and you will get instant discounted price.
  4. Resellers can choose to provide your own waybill, but limited to Poslaju, J&T Express, Shopee Express and Ninjavan only.
  5. Resellers’ past 30 days sales will be calculated at weekly basis. If you achieve higher sales, your account will be upgraded to higher level and you will get more discounts. Vice versa, if your sales drop, your account will be downgraded.